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Revitalization Committee

Who Are We? The Columbia City Revitalization Committee (CCRC), while not currently very active, has been a key force in supporting positive development. The neighbors, community groups and businesses that have been part of CCRC support a strong and active business and community core in Columbia City.
What Have We Done? CCRC began in 1994. Among other things, we've conducted a neighborhood consumer survey, sponsored annual Columbia City Town Meetings, organized Beat Walk, created new gardens and improved playgrounds, formed the nucleus for the City of Seattle's neighborhood planning efforts in Columbia City, and started the Columbia City Farmers Market. We work to strengthen our community schools via Powerful Schools and participate in other Rainier Valley organizations. The work of CCRC builds on the CCNA, Columbia City Neighborhood Association, which merged with CCRC.


Meetings of the CCRC:

There are currently now regularly scheduled meetings fo CCRC, but community meetings are called as teh need arises. For more information, email Eric Tweit.

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